Kabir Singh (2019)

Kabir Singh (2019)

Kabir Singh, a senior medical student with a passion for old English motorcycles and football, is heartbroken when his girlfriend is forced to marry another man. Already struggling with anger issues, he falls into a self-destructive spiral. The character Kabir Singh, or Arjun Reddy for that matter, is basically an updated Devdas, a loser in love, with additional anger management issues, who hits the bottle at the drop of the hat. There’s even a Chunni babu in his life in the form of bestie Shiva who keeps coming to his rescue and appears to have no life whatsoever of his own. In fact not a single character in the apology of a script — from his college principal to the family to the hospital staff — seems to have any raison d’etre other than pandering needlessly to a man, who, instead of any sympathy or indulgence for his “troubled” mind needs some serious treatment and therapy to control the inherent noxiousness he is spreading in the world around him. The entire arc of the film is to somehow make his negativity attractive, explain it away as “unconventional” and have him find redemption despite his unforgivable ways. Well, he is a genius at everything after all, even at performing surgeries when he is sloshed and coked out.

Duration: 173 min

Quality: WEBRip


IMDb: 7.1

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